Why Dystopian-anything Just Needs to Go Away

What we imagine, we create.

What we believe, we become.

I haven’t seen a dystopian movie that I did not regret seeing almost instantly.

You see it in the first five minutes of the movie – a dark and bleak world, decimated and barren. And it only goes down from there.

The ones that come to mind the quickest (and forgive me if they are rather old. I haven’t seen any of the current ones because I hate them so) are that damn thing set on the train – Snowpiercer. How I wish I could wash my brain, just blot out the memory of that movie.

Or The Hunger Games. I remember watching The Hunger Games thinking, ‘They have just brought my nightmares to life.’ Great. Thanks.

Hunger games

Another one that caused me stress and acid production in my stomach was Children of Men. And then there was The Road, which I never saw. I deferred to the gruesome account told to me by my friends as evidence enough that I don’t ever need to see that.

More recently, thanks to the movie franchise The Purge making its foray to the small screen, we can look forward to a fresh hell each week as the show reveals the dark underbelly of human transgressions.

The questions that I ask myself when I am presented with these god-awful storylines are:

1) Why did I watch that? With the answer usually being because I enjoy sci-fi and I had no idea that they would go to such dark places.

And 2) With all the possibilities in the world for storytelling, why on earth do we focus on the worst humanity has to offer? Why highlight the lowest and ugliest, cruelest and most monstrous aspects of the human psyche?


When I think of us as a collective and how we are doing as a collective, I see a lot of fear in the world and many strange and terrible deeds being committed because of fear. Fast forward and amplify those deeds 10-fold and you will have the cruelest of nightmares playing out before you, as we do in those depressing, soul-numbing movies.

It worries me because I think that when we focus on what is terrible in us, then we encourage the growth of that which we least want in the world.

I mean, come on, even if you really enjoyed watching The Hunger Games, there is no way that you would want our world to become that. Right?

So why not instead focus our massive creative energies and resources on that which promotes the best in us?

Why not spend your movie-going money on films that inspire us to noble and just pursuits?

We are capable of so much beauty. Why not invest in that which is most beautiful about us?

what dreams

Because what I see on our horizon are tiny harbingers of dystopian nightmares creeping, ever-so-quietly (or with all sirens blaring), into our present reality. And if you don’t see it too, then you aren’t paying attention.

I hesitated before writing this because, you know, I’m supposed to be that lady who writes about Health &Wellness and Mindfulness & Meditation and what do dystopian movies have to do with that stuff, right?

But then I thought again and there is actually a connection.

What we feed ourselves whether it be food or drink, written content, movies, news, or music all have an impact on our psychological and emotional well-being.  Living mindfully just means being present in the moment to what is real and alive for you. And right now, I’m seeing, along with all that is good and beautiful in the world, a lot of pain and suffering.

And I cannot help but to make a connection between the world we see playing out before our eyes and the worlds we create behind our eyes in our imaginations.

What we imagine, we create.

What we believe, we become.

Now, meditate on that.

© 2018 Tamara Jefferies.

2 thoughts on “Why Dystopian-anything Just Needs to Go Away

    1. Thanks, TIWAM, so much for taking a moment to leave a comment! I’m a sci-fi fan, too. Your Jetsons reference is deeply appreciated. I miss that sort of positivity, also. As the child of a Trekkie, I grew up with that kind of, all-be-it-cheesy, overwhelmingly optimistic view of the future. It’s been really disturbing to see a trend of weaponizing or warrior-izing (for lack of a better word) our children. Thanks for reading my article!


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