Day 4: (mini) Fitness Challenge: Matt Damon Always Screws Everything Up!

Yesterday, as I was sitting in my front yard, my neighbor returned to his house carrying a small bag of take-out and said to me, “Matt Damon is shooting a movie on the beach. They wouldn’t let me sit down and eat my taco.”

“That’s wrong, man. That’s wrong,” I replied with a laugh.

One of the realities of living in SoCal is that your plans may be thwarted from time to time due to production crews taking over an area.

A notice posted on an apartment near the shoot.
The production crew setting up. And what looks like two actors pretending to paddle on SUPs.

So this morning when I awoke and decided that I wanted to walk rather than do the app workout (which I’ll talk about in a minute), I chose my 2nd walking route option since my first and closest option had been commandeered by Mr. Damon.  Thanks Matt! (For the Matt Damon fans out there, I’m totally joking.)

Staircase Challenge #1

Day 3 of my fitness challenge found my fitness app still dysfunctional. The irony of it all! The one time I decide to commit to using the thing, it craps out on me. I finally uninstalled it and will look for an alternative. In the meantime, I repeated the sets from day one, which was still a fun workout.

Staircase Challenge #2 (Note man at bottom of stairs.) Oh, and perhaps unrelated to Mr. Damon, there is a film crew in the distance on the beach. 


Aforementioned man now carrying a woman on his back up the stairs. She was fine. I saw her walk. He just chose to do that for his work out! I have never seen anything like that in my life! He wins!!

Today I felt a bit more ambitious, so decided to run the 5 flights of staircases that line the beach. Yes, 5!  If I hadn’t done the 3 days of workouts before this I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. But I barreled up and down those flights like a champ. In my head, I was Rocky.

Staircase Challenge #3


Then something crazy happened between the 4th and 5th stairwell. I had a burst of energy and I sprinted. SPRINTED!

I don’t run. Let me repeat that: I DON’T RUN. The few times I have tried to run my body has spoken back to me saying, “What’s all this? Have you forgotten who you are?”

Staircase Challenge #4

When I have run, I felt like an uncoordinated elephant – just oversized, burdened and awkward.  Apart from running the staircases, which actually feels more like bounding than running, it’s just not something I do.

And finally, Staircase Challenge #5. I crushed it!

But today, in this sprint, I felt like I was flying. It felt electric and oh, so powerful! It wasn’t just invigorating, it was intoxicating! Runner’s high, party of 1? Runner’s high, party of 1!

Beauty Actually Is All Around

That was all awesome and just walking around my neighborhood made me really happy, so I thought I would share some pics from my hood.

This gate is gorgeous!


C’mon! How can you not smile!?


Love these tiles. They are such a nice touch.


I enjoy passing this house every time. 


Thought this windowbox was just so lovely. 
The burning bush! 

Thanks for reading!

Take care!

And keep movin!

© 2018 Tamara Jefferies.


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