Day 8: (mini) Fitness Challenge – A cheeseburger and 2 pieces of cake do not a fitness challenge make.

I already admitted my fondness of burgers. My real kryptonite, however, is cake.

I am one of those people who eat cake for the icing. Which means, of course, that I am real picky about icing and the quality of icing. But when I find a cake whose icing meets my criteria (and I can see if it does from 50 paces) then there is no way that I am passing that cake by.

Days 5 and 7 (the day a burger and cake won) saw no exercise on my part. I’m certain other people were out there making it happen but that wasn’t me.

I can claim all kinds of reasons: my calves are tight, my ankles are still wonky after that endorphin-filled sprint, I was so busy. And I was really busy. But there are no excuses really.

I’ve realized this about myself (and life in general): If it’s important to you, you make it happen. No excuses.

So today I am back to it. I got a working app. (For those new to this series, my fitness app crapped out on day two).

I’m ready to go!

How do you bounce back from setbacks? Leave a comment below.

Take care, everyone!

© 2018 Tamara Jefferies

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