Day 14: (mini) Fitness Challenge – The End (is only the beginning)

I meant to write this on Sunday but, you know, life. So here we are on the other side. I will admit, the allusion to Rocky might be a bit of an exaggeration. I didn’t kill it to that degree. But I did work out more days than not.


I had to sit a few days out due to an injury. What I will call a “you’re-too-old-for-this” injury.

On day 9 or 10, I was doing a set that required a lot of movement up-high then down-low, you know, on the mat one second, then up on your feet and jumping in the air the next.

Well, in one of those moves from up-high to down-low (Oh and let me throw in there that I did this set without a warmup because I was trying to cram the work-out in before I had a meeting – Big mistake.) I went to get back down on the mat and something in my neck went, ‘O…Oh, no. We’re not doing this.’ And I was left with a bum neck for two or three days.

Overall, I feel that the fitness challenge was a success. I now have it ingrained in my head and body to work out each day and if I don’t then I feel like a slacker.

The fitness app did say that I would see results after two weeks, and I do.  My thighs and I are back on the same team. They are back on board with resisting gravity rather than just succumbing. And I have gained upper body strength as evidenced by the fact that I can lift and carry more than I could before.

I think the best part about using the fitness app is that the exercises work with your own body’s weight and resistance. I don’t need any equipment or be dependent on a gym to get a good work out.

I would recommend trying out an app and seeing which one works for you. FYI, I used 8Fit.

Now comes the real work – integrating fitness into my everyday life!

What motivates you to stick to your fitness goals?

To Your Health!

© 2018 Tamara Jefferies

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