Want the Secret to Feeling Better? Here’s how!


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               Often times when we go to the doctor with a health issue, we feel rushed. The doctor sees us for a short time and then they’re gone, leaving the nurse to tell us what steps to take next, which usually entails just going to the pharmacy. Sometimes the meds work but sometimes we find little relief and are left feeling not much better than we did before our appointment.

                But what if there were a way to not just address symptoms but to look at our health as a whole?

                What would it be like to get more than a prescription handed to us but a full report that addresses our health concerns with a variety of suggested options?

                What would it be worth to you to have individualized care that was specifically focused on improving, not just your health, but your quality of life?

That is the goal of Holistic Health Consultations with Holistic Body Harmony in Seal Beach.

          When you have a consultation with one of our Holistic Health Practitioners, you can look forward to a thorough and thoughtful analysis of your health concerns.

          Whether you’re dealing with weight loss, anxiety, allergies, migraines, or even skin issues, you can count on your health concerns being handled with care by a knowledgeable professional.

          You won’t find hasty diagnoses or rushed prescriptions. What you will find, however, is a lengthy and thorough questionnaire that covers an extensive range of health questions so that the practitioner gets the fullest picture possible of your present condition and any past issues. After gathering that information and talking with you about your health goals, an individualized holistic health report will be created just for you.

          The report is a combination of Western and Eastern wisdom and strategies for improved health and well-being. Within it, you may find suggestions for the use of supplements, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and/or particular foods to eat or to avoid. It’s about optimizing your life and health overall. There may be suggestions on lifestyle changes you can make such as finding ways to reduce stress by getting a therapeutic massage, for example.

          What sets Holistic Health Consultations apart is that rather than just being told to take the latest and greatest pill, you are encouraged to do things like meditate, eat better, or use specific herbs to strengthen your immune system and ease the symptoms of your ailments.

          It’s a full-body approach to a better, healthier, and happier you!

That’s what Holistic Body Harmony is all about!

Call to make an appointment today! 562-665-4385


Author bio: Tamara Jefferies is a freelance writer and editor living and working in Long Beach, CA. To learn more, please visit http://www.tamarajefferies.com.


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