The Epic Wellness Dynamic-Duo That You’ve Never Heard Of (But should!)

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It’s flu season.

               And you know what that means – taking every precaution to make sure that the bug going around the office misses you; time to up the Echinacea, eat more garlic, keep your scarves handy, and your hand sanitizer even handier. All this while trying to keep warm as well.

                The body has wonderful ways to defend itself from infection during times like this but did you know that massage can help your body fend off infections and warm up tense, tired muscles at the same time?

Meet winter’s new dynamic-duo: Lymphatic and Hot Stone Massage!

The Lymph System and How It Keeps You Well

Lymph-SystemAlong with the circulatory system, the body is composed of a network of vessels and glands that carry white blood cells called lymphocytes.

This network is known as the Lymphatic system and is part of our immune system.  Its main function is ridding the body of toxins via lymph nodes, which filter the harmful substances that pass through them.

The glands of the lymphatic system include the tonsils, adrenals, spleen, and thymus.  These glands, nodes, and vessels are responsible for helping the body fight off infections and disease.lymphatic_system_1









Relax… Detox… Relax (some more.)

                In comparison with the gentle maneuvers of a Swedish massage, Lymphatic Massage is even milder and more soothing. Because the goal of Lymphatic Massage is to assist the circulation of white blood cells, rather than working on the muscles, the pressure applied to the body is light and even.

                The massage therapist softly presses, pushes, and kneads the skin of the neck, upper chest, arms, and legs. Their focus is helping the lymphocytes flow in the right direction encouraging them towards the lymph nodes to be filtered.

                The overall effect is entirely calming and soothing to the body, mind, and spirit. You don’t think of it at first as something that will help your nervous system as well as your immune system but the tranquilizing effect on your nerves will be undeniable.  You will feel blissfully mellow.

Hot Stones: Your New Best Friends


                Plenty of people reach for the hot water bottle when the weather turns chilly. Well, consider Hot Stones the new hot water bottle. When you get a Hot Stone Massage, smooth, warm river stones are placed on your back and glided along the lengths of your arms and legs warming and soothing those tight muscles of yours.

                For those relentless knots in your upper back, nothing helps loosen muscle tissues and prepare them for massage like the warmth of Hot Stones. To control the heat, a sheet or towel may be draped over your back before placing the stones. Little by little, you’ll feel your muscles start to relax as the heat from the stones spreads throughout your back.

Now Put It All Together

                Lymphatic Massage and Hot Stone Massage are stand-alone treatments and do wonders on their own. But the next time you think about doing something extra special for yourself or are considering adding some new items on your self-care checklist, why not think about combining the pair.

                You’ll reap all the benefits of both in just one session: deep relaxation, relief from sore tight muscles, reduced stress, and detoxifying the body to fend off illness.

                This could be the start of a beautiful (flu-season) friendship.

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Author bio: Tamara Jefferies is a freelance writer and editor living and working in Long Beach, CA. To learn more, please visit

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