See the best person you are meant to be. – A testimonial


“My interested was piqued when I stumbled across signage for a new yoga and wellness facility located in my community.  On the first phone call and subsequential meeting, it was decided immediately that Tamara could possibly be the right person to guide me through critical life issues.  Many professional therapists were unsuccessful and I was in desperate need of a gentle guiding hand.

Tamara and I met frequently for a few months.  In that time we meditated, talked through the issues, I was given tasks or homework to continue the process between appointments.  Tamara completely focuses on you, your emotions surrounding the issue and helps you see the other side, helps you to realize you can work through the negative thoughts and move around the drama that has you stuck.

Due to recent family members passing, I reached out to Tamara for the second time.  Knowing our previous sessions were so successful, she was my first choice for guidance and support.  The progress made in such a short time is astounding.  I am so very comfortable working with Tamara.  It is such a pleasure to talk to her, she immediately calms my fears and gets me back on track to navigate through the anxiety and fears to a better, more joyful place.

Tamara can see the best person you are meant to be.  I was completely depressed and had so much negative talk about myself.  I call it the vortex, where you continue on a downward spiral and isolate from the world.  Your fears have you avoiding any social interaction, just going to the grocery store is difficult.  Tamara helped me see past the internal conflict, helped me see I am a good, worthy person and deserve a life of joy and happiness.

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend her to help you with life’s issues.  You will become a better rounded, calmer person.” – Martha A., Small business owner

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