Health Arts Institute – February’s Featured Wellness Business

Naples health center

When I first began this series of featured wellness businesses, it was with the intention of hand-picking local businesses that I could personally vouch for. But life being life – busy and full of responsibilities and to-do lists – I soon came to realize that there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to personally visit each business. So what I decided to do instead is to pick a business that I have either visited or am curious about and want to visit.

This brings me to this month’s local business: Health Arts Institute – Naples Wellness Center and Spa. Right here in Long Beach in the beautiful neighborhood of Naples, this wellness center offers a variety of holistic practices ranging from yoga to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

tai chi 2The business made it on my radar as a result of a search for Tai Chi classes. My partner had expressed an interest in learning Tai Chi and having taken Tai Chi classes myself years ago, I knew the benefits of it and was excited to find local classes for him to attend.


A quick Google search for Tai Chi classes near me resulted in Health Arts Institute showing up at the top of the list. Their calendar, unfortunately, has not been kept up to date. However, if you go to their Facebook page, you will find weekly announcements for their Tai Chi classes, which take place from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m., Saturday and Sunday mornings.

tai chi on bluff

They meet in Bluff Park overlooking the beach. If you’re a local then you will know it as the same place where Yoga on the Bluff happens twice a day.  The park can be found at the intersection of Ocean Blvd. and Loma Ave.

In addition to weekly Tai Chi classes, the wellness center also offers yoga and meditation.

If you are looking for alternative healthcare practices like acupuncture or Ayurveda (a system of wellness and nutrition practices from India) then you might consider giving them a call and setting up a consultation.

Maybe you’ll make it down to the bluff and experience the fluidity and grace of Tai Chi one bright clear morning.

When I told my partner about the 7:30 a.m. start time his response was basically, ‘Yeah, I’m interested. But not that interested, ‘ which made me chuckle. Perhaps we’ll see you down there … one of these mornings … eventually.

Health Arts Institute – Naples Wellness Center and Spa

5855 E. Naples Plaza, Suite 306, Long Beach, CA 90803,



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