CBD Massage – Take Your Massage To The Next Level


It’s hard to imagine that a massage can get any better than it already is when it comes to deep relaxation and lowered stress levels. But that was before CBD entered the scene.

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a newcomer in the wellness world and is taking the holistic market by storm.  CBD is derived from the hemp plant but unlike THC (the psychoactive component in the marijuana plant) it does not intoxicate you.

It’s only been available a short while and more scientific testing needs to be done but the initial research and anecdotal evidence point to a wide array of possible benefits.

Benefits of CBD

The benefits of CBD vary depending on the form it’s in when used. It can be sold as capsules, liquid CBD oil, or chewables like gummy candies.

In massage, CBD is mixed with an oil-base like coconut oil and applied topically. One of the major findings for topical application of CBD is that it may reduce inflammation in joints due to arthritis. It has also been observed that CBD can help reduce muscular aches and pains.

For this reason, CBD is a wonderful upgrade from your regularly scheduled Relaxation Massage.

What Does a CBD Massage Feel Like?

Get ready to chill out.

A CBD massage is done with hot stones. The heated stones are glided along and across your major muscle groups at a pressure that can be modified to suit you. By combining CBD with the hot stones the oils really get a chance to seep into the skin.  A few people may experience a tingly sensation because of the CBD but most people won’t.  They’ll still experience the best in truly deep relaxation and soothing of sore, achy muscles.

How Will You Feel After Your CBD Massage?

One word: M-E-L-L-O-W.

Any stress or anxiety you entered the treatment room with will have melted away. You will be left feeling serene and ready to spend the next few hours relaxing and enjoying the things that make you feel calm like reading a good book, taking a nap, or going for a peaceful stroll.

Whatever you are inspired to do, you will feel like you’re floating on a cloud of bliss.

Why not schedule your CBD Massage today?

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© 2019 Tamara Jefferies.

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