Who is Sue Yerou?! Owner of Style Rehab, San Francisco, CA.


I am a New York native who has worked domestically and internationally in the fashion industry starting in New York City, then on to Sydney, Australia, and currently in San Francisco, California. I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with the desire to be a fashion stylist.

My path, however, took me first to Avon as a part of their creative team. It was there, in the middle of the fashion-forward city of Manhattan, as a part of Avon, I refined my personal style and came to understand the fashion and beauty industry. With my eight-year tenure at Avon, I continued to expand my career in fashion and beauty photography and began to master my skills in color correction, aesthetic, fit and form.


While the dream of being a stylist lived on within me, it was my work in fashion and beauty photography that took me all the way to Sydney where I continued to develop my professional visual eye. I was embedded in a new culture with new designers and style trends.


My return to the United States landed me in San Francisco. This move prompted a rebirth for me and I decided that it was finally time to pursue my dream of becoming a personal stylist. It was at that point in my story that I launched Style Rehab.

As I was a bit of a transformation expert myself just through my own life experiences, my vision for Style Rehab was simple – To guide people through their own personal transformation in their wardrobes so that they can share their most confident, empowered, and authentic selves with the world.




My philosophy is to put the client first by understanding each person’s unique personality, needs, and goals. It is an indescribable joy to witness that revelatory moment when a person sees themselves for the first time with their new look. They immediately experience feelings of confidence and ecstatic happiness upon seeing themselves anew.

Over the 6 years since its inception, Style Rehab has evolved into a service for business professionals who are looking to remake themselves, their closets, and maybe even their lives. For the client who has reached a stage in their lives when their style no longer reflects how they see themselves or how they feel inside, Style Rehab is there to usher them stylishly into their next chapter.

I understand how intimate of a relationship this can be for the client –  to allow someone into your life and be seen up close, to open yourself to someone else’s gaze and opinions, can be a daunting experience. Knowing this, I am sensitive to the need for establishing trust and rapport between each new client and myself.

For some, picking a stylist is simply about finding the right outfit. For me, it’s so much more than the clothes. It’s about a journey and a transformative process. It’s about helping my client find their individual voice through their wardrobe. It’s mindful shopping for their lifestyle and organization that helps streamline their closets and prepare them to confidently choose pieces for a night out or a day of meetings.

What you get from a Style Rehab session is more than just style – its confidence, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

Style Rehab – Wardrobe Consulting

San Francisco, CA.




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