Join the Celebration! Grand Opening for Long Beach’s 1st Bodywork & Healing Arts College This Saturday!



Part of the joy in writing this monthly feature on wellness businesses is discovering the little gems around my city. For the month of September, I am featuring Sacred Roots Holistic Healing and its offshoot, Panacea Holistic Institute.

Recently, I met a woman who told me of a healing center on Broadway called Sacred Roots. The name was vaguely familiar—probably having driven past it countless times while never consciously registering it.

The exterior, like the center itself, is understated. There is something about minimalism that soothes the mind.

When you walk into Sacred Roots, you are immediately put at ease. The space is bright with lots of natural light, uncluttered, and calm. Voices are hushed as sessions are underway within any one of the five treatment rooms, with each room dedicated to its own element. Even if sessions weren’t underway, something about the space makes you want to whisper. It’s something you feel as you walk through it, a movement inward, to be in silence and stillness.

Sacred Roots is a women-founded community wellness hub that hosts daily, weekly, and monthly offerings of impressive and diverse holistic modalities. Along with therapeutic massage, they offer yoga classes, sound healing, Dharma talks followed by meditation class, and moon circles at the new and full moon.

The whole person is catered to at Sacred Roots not just with bodywork but through sessions with counselors, Reiki practitioners, and doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine providing acupuncture and cupping. What’s more, you can book chiropractic services or an Ayurveda session. It is a beautiful coupling of Eastern and Western holistic healing practices.

Of the offerings that I was excited to see, their Momma-to-be care team just won me over. They refer to it as “Womb Services” and they offer natural fertility help, birthing consultations, and pre/postpartum doula services.

Additionally, mommas can take care of themselves and their newborns with pre and post-natal massage, infant massage, and the utterly charming offering of a henna belly blessings. You can just feel the sweetness and nurturant holding that is created to welcome your baby into the world.

It almost makes me wish I was pregnant … almost. If you’re expecting or know someone who is, please, let them know about these gorgeous services!

There is also an educational component to Sacred Roots – as if it needed more cool things.

For those interested in proactive steps to optimizing your health and wellbeing, they offer a 6-week course in Sacred Self Care. The course covers self-care practices like yoga, mind/body awareness, Ayurveda, mindfulness, and self-massage just to name a few.

Interested in teaching meditation?

You’re in luck! They have a Meditation Instructor Course. Held on the first Saturday of the month, this 6-month course just started in August and will run through January 2020.

Just to tack on other awesomeness, Sacred Roots also provides gallery space for local artists. They do a quarterly showcase that is “curated to fit the four seasons.”  AND they have partnered up with other wellness businesses that will give a discount to those who are proud Wellness Card caring members of Sacred Roots. It’s like come on already, we get it, you’re awesome. But seriously, check out the conscious companies on this roster; You got everything from juice shops to vegetarian restaurants to yoga to essential oils.

But the most exciting new development for the healing space is the upcoming opening of a new teaching wing. Panacea Holistic Institute will be Long Beach’s first holistic health college. Cue applause!

Panacea will provide an accredited 555-hour certification training in Bodywork & Healing Arts. A student clinic will be operated on the premises to provide pupils with supervised practicum hours and give the public access to discounted bodywork sessions.  Yes to affordable massage therapy!

The grand opening celebration will be held this Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 11 to 5 pm, at 2841 East Broadway, right here in Long Beach.

During the festivities, the owners will honor individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the community. The day will include a food drive, giveaways, and bodywork sessions.

Sacred Roots and Panacea are truly something worth celebrating!

If you can make it to the grand opening, Go! Support this local business that is doing so many great things and fully living up to its name as a community wellness center.


Sacred Roots Holistic Healing

Panacea Holistic Institute

2841 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

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